Wanted: Partners for Online Multimedia Project


Welcome to Starlife's Cosmic Greetings! We look for some friends/partners/likemindeds who can volunteer their time for free, in return for a chance to develop or experiment with new techniques and solutions, and/or to promote yourself and your services to potential employers & customers, building a broader international audience. This is primarily a hobby project - not a job opportunity - and we are especially looking for stable friends who can stay with us and grow with the project over an extended time. However, the good thing is that there are no deadlines: everyone helps out when they feel inspired and as their time permits!

Project Description

STARLIFE Cosmic Greetings is an experimental & educational Art-Science Project aiming to use new approaches to visualize "the Big Picture" - big questions and exciting ideas & visions of our place, role and future in the bigger scheme of things - both as individuals and as a civilization. This will be done by combining art, poetry & music with scientific facts, speculations & reflections - i.e. mixing Beauty with Intelligence - creating insightful and esthetically appealing "memes" with a feeling of coming from beyond/above, primarily in the form of Video Greetings.

Our goal is to inspire people to widen their horizons beyond their everyday lives, exploring longer perspectives and invisible connections, and to appreciate and engage in the making of the future. We also want to show that Science & Technological developments can be seen as Art experiments. In a way, our entire universe - Nature and its mathematical laws - is art. "Beautiful" doesn't only refer to physical apperances, but also to processes/actions/thinking, etc.

Project People

We really want to get started ASAP. Therefore, we wish to connect with creative people having skills in video & multimedia - everything from filming to editing - and preferably also animations, green screen and other special effects.

Aside from this, we will also be happy to hear from anyone having knowledge of chatbots, avatars and AI (artificial intelligence), as we plan to develop a virtual companion to our Video Greetings, having a real-life look/behaviour and interactive functions. All this should then be integrated with a modern cross-platform website (for example using HTML5) having both social media, e-cards and shopping cart functions.

Those interested in marketing (traditional or viral), sales/other business aspects are also welcome.

Just remember, we do not seek to hire people. We look for like-minded volunteers with similar interests who are excited about the experimental aspects of this project. We will provide much of the intellectual content (always welcoming your input as well), while you can gain recognition being for example Producers, Filmmakers & Creative/Technical Developers, etc.

Project Funding

As we will deal with long-term visions, we want the project itself to be robust enough to endure overtime as well. Therefore, we plan to build it around an ever-growing collection of short videos & multimedia presentations, perhaps 5-10 mins in length; each one being a mini-project itself. This will ensure that the project is always at least partially successful. So any future, temporary lack of funds or volunteers can not crash the whole project, only delay the making of the next installment.

Funding may come from both our own pockets, grants from foundations & sales of related products. Our growing collection of visionary, beautiful & thoughtful memes/greetings could be offered to the public as online ecards, printed posters and paper greeting cards, or have them printed on various gift products and novelty items. With good branding and marketing, these product sales could ultimately make us enough profit to both cover our costs and reward our team members.
In theory, we could even evolve into a business!

Project Marketing

We will use a lot of social media and innovative viral marketing to generate buzz, welcoming the free usage of our productions by the internet community. Credit will always be given where credit is due, clearly and visibly. But we won't hinder our content to spread, grow and "live its own life", as this will help us - and you - to gain attention. (As a part of our experiment, we may even use our virtual AI-based companion to help us with that, testing how far we can go!)

In addition, the sales of related merchandise, such as greeting cards, will itself also be a part of the marketing. The products promote the website, and the website promotes the products.

And yes, we know: It all sounds very ambitious for a low-budget hobby project. But to begin with, we'll be perfectly happy if we can find someone with an interest/experience of making videos! Let's start there and see how it goes.


If you're interested or want to know more, please contact the Project's Coordinator Mr. Hans L.D.G. Starlife.

Fb: Facebook.com/Hans.Starlife

Hans Starlife is an international futurist and leading visionary. Born in Sweden, he has taken us on exciting journeys through space and time, helping us to widen our horizons, seeing the beauty of existence, predicting the future, and stepping beyond. He has met, interviewed and/or collaborated with dozens of scientists, artists and entrepreneurs, including moon walker Ed Mitchell and the late astronomer Carl Sagan.